The Project

This writing project and website began with the idea that it would be awesome to gather and publicly share the stories of veterans enrolled at Las Positas College, a community college in Livermore, California. These stories matter because they represent the experiences of the men and women who have made sacrifices in their lives to serve our country. Whether or not these veterans deployed or encountered combat, their stories matter because they capture moments in time that might otherwise be lost. They also matter because writing allows us to express what is often too complex or difficult to say when speaking about our experiences. Writing allows us to make sense of our world, to find our role in that world, and to get to the heart of what is in our hearts. As one of our veterans observed, “Writing this personal narrative was the most therapeutic thing I have ever done in my life. I have seen many counselors and therapists and nothing has ever, ever made me feel like the personal narrative.”

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Dr. Jim Ott has taught English at Las Positas College since 1996.